Richard Peres(non-registered)

Your presentation last night for the Fredericksburg Photo Club on photographing at the SNP was extraordinary. Your experience, practical advice and enthusiasm were truly memorable. You go way beyond the field of photography and exhibit the qualities of love and admiration for nature that are heartwarming and motivating. The club is lucky to have someone like you participate. Thank you so much!
Richard Peres
Parabéns, Andrew. Você é o cara.
Carol Breyer(non-registered)
These photos are marvelous. I am interested in learning more about photography and would love to be able to take photography lessons at some point in time.
Andrea Hoard(non-registered)
Excellent photos! Had no idea how talented you were in this area. Enjoyed very much.
Becky Alls(non-registered)
Beautiful photos.
Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. I love your photos. I hope to be able to take some lessons from you soon.
Looking for a teacher of photography-look no further. Andrew has this wonderful ability to break down the elements of photography to a level that a beginner can truly grasp. I spent the morning with Andrew photographing the beautiful historic sights of Fredericksburg. I walked away as a newbie to photography with amazing photos that surprised me.
Thank you Andrew for your encouraging words. I am so looking forward to our next outing.
Shannon Williamson(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful pictures!
Your photos are absolutely amazing! As Laura said, you have captured sights and animals that we may never see! Even those familiar animals are spectacularly, brilliantly portrayed! Thank you so much for sharing!

I can't wait to meet you!
heathre black(non-registered)
Love your photos!
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