Welcome to my website. My name is Andrew Sentipal and I reside in Northern Virginia. I travel widely to enjoy the natural world and record it's beauty in my photographs.

My passion is being outdoors and capturing images of a wide variety of subjects including landscapes, animals, plants, and birds. I hope these images will evoke a wide range of emotions in the viewer.

More recently I have been photographing the night sky. Look for some Milky Way images here soon.

My images were created with Nikon Digital SLR and mirrorless cameras and a variety of Nikon lenses.

My new ebook on photographing Shenandoah  National Park is now available on Amazon Kindle Books and Apple ibooks. Search for shenandoah photography.   Link to ebook:   



The guide provides specific shooting information for all levels of shooters from beginners to advanced. It provides tips for photographing a variety of subjects including wildlife, landscapes, waterfalls, panoramas, sunrise/sunset, stars/MilkyWay, macro and fall foliage. The most productive overlooks are listed and details provided for foreground subjects, times of day to shoot and some little known details on how to make the most of your time in the park. Tips for all four seasons are included in this 50 plus page resource. The guide contains over 30 images to enhance the text. A Shenandoah workshop in a book. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

I have a program on photographing Shenandoah. Contact me for further details for your camera club or meetup group.

Most images are available for editorial/publishing purposes and as fine art prints. Please contact me for more information via the "Contact" link.

Interested in learning how to add to your photography skills? Contact me for one on one and small group training.

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